Ask a Pharmacist/Nutritionist
Mplus Pharmacy is staffed by a team of competent Pharmacists and Nutritionists who are ready to assist you in determining a supplement program suitable to your individual health needs and concerns.
We strongly believe that a correct choice of vitamins and supplements, coupled with organics, non-toxic and natural products or homeopathic remedies, can help enhance one’s general well-being.
There is no charge for this consultation service, which is prioritised for our valued customers of Mplus Pharmacy only.
If you require more time than the maximum 15-minute bloc per consultation. we would be glad to tend to you again in a short while. The same applies to telephone consultations from our Mplus Pharmacy customers.
At Mplus Pharmacy, our team of competent Pharmacists and Nutritionists are always on duty during our operating hours. If you have any enquiry, please call: