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Bio-Essence’s innovative Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask simultaneously brightens, rebalances, hydrates and refines; diminishing signs of dullness, regulating oil production, counteracting dryness and reducing visibility of pores in one fell swoop. An innovative emollient membrane encapsulates a large volume of the ultra-fine actives (‘Power Nano’ hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid and cranberry extract) to form ‘Bio Active Crystals’ on skin’s surface, which in turn, maintain the integrity and potency of the ingredients and create a weightless, protective ‘film’ to lock in moisture. Cranberry extract further optimises hydration, whilst bolstering antioxidant defences and restoring radiance to reveal revitalised, supple and luminous skin upon waking. This also doubles as a daily hydrator – ideal for those with oily/combination skin types, or anyone susceptible to blemishes, breakouts or skin dehydration. Just apply a very fine layer in the morning after toning, to maximise moisture retention without suffocating or exacerbating congestion.
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