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Dawon Hoganbo HD-1 is a naturally formulated health supplement which contains the Hovenia Dulcis Berry for daily protection of our liver health. Hovenia Dulcis Berry is traditionally used for hangover reliefs and it is grown in the mountains of Korea. Using high molecular technology, we extract the purest form of Hovenia Dulcis Berry to create a high concentration supplement known as Dawon Hoganbo HD-1. Product fully made in Korea.
The fruits of the raisin tree called “Hoganbo or Hovenia” grows in uncontaminated forest where the environment is truly pollution-free at the height of 50m to 800m above sea level. They have been considered a Korean masterpiece to protect the liver long time ago.
For 10 years of research, Dr Na Cheonsu using a technique to separate the low and high molecular weight polymers, discovered HD-1 a high molecular weight molecule with excellent function for protecting the liver.
In 2001, HD-1 received the President’s award by President Kim Daejung for its liver protection and detoxification properties.
Apart from these, Dawon Hoganbo HD-1 is approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration.
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