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 opical-use cream for the treatment of mild to moderate acne, also suitable in the case of concurrent inflammation. Works through a keratolytic and sebum-normalising action, preventing the formation of pustules and localised inflammation. Contains a complexed lamellar structure (AZETRAP SYSTEM TM) that, by working in synergy with glycolic acid prolongs product activity on skin over time. At the same time, the inclusion of azelaic acid enhances and intensifies the exfoliating action. The product is also ideal as a long-term treatment, as an aid to drug treatment for moderate to severe acne and as a topical product to maintain treatment in between drug-based therapies.

How to use:
Apply preferably in the evening, after gently and thoroughly cleansing skin. Use appropriate, non-aggressive cleansers. Apply cream to let it work over the night.
Warnings: read package insert.
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