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Made from the Longstamen Onion Bulb (Bulbus Fritillariae cirrhosae) and Tangerine Peel (Pericaipium Citrus), COUFREE helps to improve the respiratory system function and ensures the smooth flow of qi that is vital for robust health.

The Longstamen Onion Bulb also helps to relieve stabbing pain on the chest and back due to blood stasis and overcome stagnant qi in the digestive system that leads to diarrhea and dysentery. The other ingredient, the tangerine peel, helps regulate the flow of qi, invigorates the function of spleen and clears phlegm. Both ingredients when combined help to balance the complementary forces of the ying and yang. This in turn improves the qi flow in the body and helps get rid of stubborn phlegm and cough.
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