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Made from a combination of herbs including the local Dukung Anak weed (Phyllanthus niruri) and Cassia seeds (Cassiae obtusifolia), SELIMY helps to strengthen the liver function and enhances the body's metabolism process.

The Dukung Anak is an annual herb that has long been used as an herbal remedy for symptoms related to the kidneys. However, in combination with Artemisiae scoparia and Semen Cassiae obtusifolia it helps to boost the liver function and enhances metabolism. Along the way it automatically enhances the liver's detoxification ability.

The Dukung Anak also helps to reduce the symptoms related to anemia, diabetes and hypertension as it helps to improve the function of both the kidneys and liver by balancing the ying and yang.

The Fructus Crataegus pinnatifida and Fructus Auranttii immaturus is added to enhance the effects of Cassia obtusifolia that burns off excessive fats and further improves the qi flow.

By improving the liver function, the excessive fats are metabolised. Oily stool will appear after about 1 week when the breakdown and the detoxification process take place.
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