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Harvests from protected forest reserve areas in Peninsular Malaysia.

The unique qualities’ of this wild honey have form due to the distinctive geographical and climatic condition.

Rain Forest Wild Honey with high levels of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, protein, carbohydrates and vitamin C and rich in active enzymes.

Consume regularly:

  •  Health maintenance
  •  Enhance immunity
  •  Phenobarbital
  •  Liver tonic
  •  Cardiovascular protection
  •  Strengthens lung function
  •  Promote calcium absorption
  •  Improve digestion and absorption
  •  Topical anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, promoting tissue regeneration
  •  Enhance the skin's metabolic capacity, excellent for skin care

Rain Forest Wild Honey is absolutely a perfect health food for the elderly, children, the maternal and the infirm are particularly suitable.

Rain Forest Wild Honey is a best choose for self consumed or gift to your love one.
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