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Rohto® Dry-Aid™ with Liquidshield™ technology, from the #1 Global OTC Eye Care Brand*, is uniquely formulated to help restore moisture to the tear film by working on all three layers to mimic a natural, healthy tear. Fast-acting Rohto® Dry-Aid™ provides longer lasting relief vs. the leading brand† and soothes eyes for up to 12 hours.

Its unique micro-emulsion formula delivers relief in a clear and non-blurring drop, so you can get right back to the things you love. No need to wait for the blur to go away, a common problem with other lubricant eye drops.

Highly rated for it refreshing feeling, Rohto® Dry-Aid™ is clinically shown to relieve all key symptoms of dry eye including dryness, irritation, grittiness, burning, and stinging.

Rohto® Dry-Aid™ brings fast-acting, long-lasting relief for dry, irritated eyes due to overuse of digital devices, extended use of contact lenses, laser eye surgery, hormonal changes, or dry indoor or outdoor environments.
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