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FMD Flor Essence Herbal Tea Blend is unlike any other cleansing formula or detoxifying kit.

A blend of eight herbs, it is a very precise formulation with a synergistic effect that is much more powerful than taking the herbs individually.
Its benefits have been proven time and time again.

Since Flora became the custodian of this historic herbal blend, many thousands more have experienced the effects of this cleansing tea. Much like a tonic, its effects are experienced over time. However, its subtle work begins immediately; the phytonutrients in the herbs are part of a matrix that the body recognizes as food, so they can be almost immediately absorbed and utilized.

Flor Essence does not provide an instant purgative effect; rather, with consistent use, its eight ingredients identify, gather and flush toxins out of the body.
No colorings, flavorings or sweeteners.
Safe for long-term, daily use.
Unrefined, full-spectrum herbs balance the body so it can heal itself.
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