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FamilyGoody Yogurt Cereal is a nutritional supplement rich in probiotics. Packed with 20 kinds of cereals and other non-genetically modified natural products as a base, and added with DHA, AA, colostrum, probiotics, fructose, taurine, red beet, lecithin, protein and dietary fiber, calcium and zinc and other minerals with a variety of vitamins, creating a nutritional balanced formulation.

FamilyGoody Yogurt Cereal contains five kinds of good bacteria. Each cup provides about 10 billion (10CFU) probiotics. Adding into this balanced nutrition are fructose and 20 types of mixed grains, achieving the effect of good bacteria eating bad bacteria, leading to a complete nutrient absorption. FamilyGoody Yogurt Cereal aids in intestinal detoxifications, comprehensive regulation of the body's functional activities, enhance immunity and promote the comprehensive development of the human body.
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