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[MPLUS] Inti Brown Rice Oat Powder 400G
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Brand INTI
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IntI Brown Rice Oat Powder is enrich with fibres, protein, vitamins, minerals (calcium, manganese, potassium, magnesium, etc.), and antioxidants. The glycemic rating of brown rice is quite low and therefore, you can have it without worrying about any detrimental effects on health.
The natural wonders of brown rice are also pronounced due to high content of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

1. It promotes weight loss
Brown rice is rich in unsaturated fatty acids with negligible amount of starch. Those wanting to lose weight yet not able to let go rice cravings must substitute white rice with brown rice.

2. Your sugar levels are in control
You are at a lower risk of developing diabetes when you have brown rice daily. It's because brown rice contains high amounts of fibre and is devoid of saturated fatty acids and sugars.

3. It's the ideal food for the nervous system
Manganese is the wonder nutrient that is necessary for normal brain and nerve function.

4. Brown rice is heart friendly
Regular eating of brown rice is essential for maintaining good health of heart. It helps in formation of good cholesterol and prevents accumulation of plaque inside the arteries. This in turn reduces risks of heart attack. These benefits come from antioxidants and fibres present in brown rice.

5. Brown rice makes bones strong
Brown rice being rich in calcium and vitamin D helps in formation of strong bones. Furthermore, magnesium increases bone density, which is especially essential for women.

6. Regulation of bowel movement
Being rich is fibre, you can have brown rice even for dinner regularly without worrying about constipation problems. The fibre content is much less in refined white rice and thus it's a NO to people having severe constipation problem.

7. It reduces risk of colon cancer
This property of brown rice is again attributed to high fibre content, which acts against toxins from damaging the walls of the colon and aids in cleansing it. Apart from this, due to presence of selenium in brown rice, risk of colon cancer is substantially reduced.

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