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[MPLUS] Madi Kombucha Summer Tea 750Ml
Price RM165.00
Brand MADI
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Fermented  tea, or Kombucha, is not a new thing. In fact, it has been consumed by Asian people for thousands of years. Premium Madi Kombucha  is brewed using some of the finest green tea leaves grown in and around the mountains of Northern Thailand.

Assam Tea, one of the oldest and most desirable teas on the planet, is used to brew the Summer version of Premium Madi Kombucha. “The aims of the Assamica organic estates are to achieve long term sustainability of soil fertility and productivity, protect the environment, and create a form of organic micro-system that produces an economically viable tea that is totally free of chemicals”. Premium Madi Organic Summer Kombucha Tea is the product of this commitment to our planet.



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