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[MPLUS] Rosie'S Ross Premium Matcha Powder 2Gx28
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What are HEALTH BENEFITS of Premium Matcha Teatox?

Goodness 1: Good for eyesight
Goodness 2: Maintain healthy enamel (our teeth)
Goodness 3: Refreshing & mind clearing (without caffeine jitters from coffee)
Goodness 4: Restore vitamin C
Goodness 5: Anti-calculus
Goodness 6: Improve activity in our stomach and intestines
Goodness 7: Reduce radiation damage
Goodness 8: Anti-hypertension
Goodness 9: Cholesterol-lowering, obesity prevention, weight loss
Goodness 10: Nutritional supplements.

What are COSMETIC BENEFITS of Premium Matcha Teatox?

Goodness 1: Repair UV damage skin
Goodness 2: Detoxification
Goodness 3: Fight against constipation
Goodness 4: Whitening & rosy cheek
Goodness 5: Prevent bad breath (Speak with confidence)
Goodness 6: Increase nails shiny effect
Goodness 7: Antioxidant power house (Improve skin cell activity)
Goodness 8: Fight Acne!
Goodness 9: Increase rate of metabolism, removal of fat cell (Achieve weight loss!)
Goodness 10: Anti-aging effect!

How does Premium Matcha Teatox taste?

Rosie’s Ross Premium Matcha tea has a natural sweetness (0% of sugar), slight vegetal or grassy, creamy texture and a hint of astringency. For those who can’t take it, it is advisable to add some honey with your Matcha.

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