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About Us


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M+ Pharmacy is established in May 2013 and has since renowned for its unique selection of products and services par excellence. M+ Pharmacy prides itself in preventative health care for the community and has since served as an authoritative center for integrative health care, combining the best of conventional and alternative remedies. Our pharmacists and nutritionists will help you with not just medications but supplements to enhance your overall well-being as well.


M+ Natural Remedies, a spin-off concept from M+ Pharmacy, is conceptualized to provide a completely natural health solutions to the public. As demand for effective and natural remedies are on the rise and authoritative advice scarcely available, M+ Natural Remedies is born to fulfill the need. Popular herbal remedies, aromatherapy, essential oils and natural skin care are among the selections available, together with authoritative advice from our nutritionists, dietitians and homeopath practitioner.


Our Services:

  1. Maximising your well-being.
  2. Managing your health integratively.
  3. Meticulous in full medication dispensary.
  4. Alternative natural solutions for your beauty, health, pets, and home.
  5. Unique selection of natural remedies including herbs, pure essential oils, and natural supplements.
  6. Authoritative advice for alternative medicine.
  7. Competitive pricing and excellent service.
  8. Our health professionals are always available to serve your needs.