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[MPLUS] Herb Tree Frankincense Essential Oil (10Ml)
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Those who recognises it ranges from ancient wise men to new age philosophers. You name it they know it. Frankincense Essential Oil is equipped with the ability to heal, protect and fight. It is an all-rounder masterpiece which lives up to its reputation as “King of Oils.”

Frankincense oil contains anti-anxiety properties that can help reduce negative emotions and repair the disheartened. It produces calming effects when use for meditation and certainly improves sleep quality at night.

Frankincense oil is also good news to skin health. It is a powerful astringent which protects skins cells and reduces stretch mark and scars. Its anti-aging properties can protect skin cells and fight wrinkles. Some promising discoveries of frankincense oil have suggested the possibilities of it playing a role in memory improvement.
Reduce stress reactions and negative emotion

Boost Immune System

Antitumor effect

Improves memory

Powerful astringent for Anti-aging and wrinkle fighter

Reduce Scars and stretch mark

Relieve inflammation

Meditation aid and promotes quality sleep
DIFFUSION Add 3 to 8 drops Herb Tree Pure Essential Oils in aromatherapy diffuser/ ceramic oil burner/ vaporiser/ aroma lamp

Add 3 to 5 drops on handkerchief/ Kleenex and inhale throughout the day.

MASSAGE Dilute 10 to 18 drops Herb Tree Pure Essential Oils to 2 tablespoons carrier oil.

BATH Add 8 to 15 drops of Herb Tree Pure Essential Oils

ROOM SPRAY Add 30 to 40 drops Herb Tree Pure Essential Oils to 120ml of distilled water. Shake well to mix before use.

COMPRESSES Add 10 to 20 drops of Herb Tree Essential Oils to water for compresses, apply to face/skin.

BODY MOISTURISER / LOTION Dilute 2 to 8 drops of Herb Tree Essential Oils in 1-tablespoon carrier oil or lotion

SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER Add 2 to 6 drops of Herb Tree Pure Essential Oils to shampoo or conditioner and apply to hair.

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