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[MPLUS] Herb Tree Niaouli Essential Oil (10Ml)
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When you’re having a stuffy nose or nasal congestion, the simple act of breathing can be a challenge.  A quick and effective remedy can be achieved by inhaling Niaouli Essential Oil.  The camphoraceous and piercing aroma doesn’t just clear your sinus, it is an immunostimulant that increases antibody and helps to boost the immune system.

For skin care, Niaouli Essential Oil is a gentler alternative to Tea Tree Oil. It is the better choice for those with sensitive skin or daily usage.  Niaouli contains antibacterial properties which makes it an excellent choice for skin infections and acne.

Relief respiratory tract disorder, influenza, sinus congestion
Relief colds and coughs
Natural Antiseptics helps treat wounds, acne scars, bacterial infections
Improve concentration
Stimulates digestion and body detoxifying
Bug Repellent
DIFFUSION Add 3 to 8 drops Herb Tree Pure Essential Oils in aromatherapy diffuser/ceramic oil burner/ vaporiser/aroma lamp

Add 3 to 5 drops on handkerchief/ Kleenex and inhale throughout the day.

MASSAGE Dilute 10 to 18 drops Herb Tree Pure Essential Oils to 2 tablespoons carrier oil. When rubbed on the chest, it helps open up the airways, clear mucus and reduce congestion

BATH Add 8 to 15 drops of Herb Tree Pure Essential Oils

ROOM SPRAY Add 30 to 40 drops Herb Tree Pure Essential Oils to 120ml of distilled water. Shake well to mix before use.

COMPRESSES Add 10 to 20 drops of Herb Tree Essential Oils to water for compresses, apply to face/skin.

BODY MOISTURISER / LOTION Dilute 2 to 8 drops of Herb Tree Essential Oils in 1-tablespoon carrier oil or lotion

SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER Add 2 to 6 drops of Herb Tree Pure Essential Oils to shampoo or conditioner and apply to hair.
Botanical Name
Melaleuca V
Extraction Method
Steam Distilled
Plant Part
Leaves and twigs
Pale Yellow
Strength Of Aroma
Aromatic Scent
Fresh, Sweet,  Camphoraceous,
Blends Well With


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