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[MPLUS] Avia Baby Organic Coconut Oil 120Ml
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Safe and Gentle

The AVIA Baby Organic Coconut Oil is 100 all-natural, no chemical, no mercury.

Gentle and helps with nappy rash and relieves itchiness. Its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect option to include into a baby’s skin care regimen.

Coconut oil is the new “It oil” and there are numerous health benefits of Coconut oil for babies. Look for organic, 100% raw coconut oil because it has the vitamins, anti-oxidants and enzymes intact and will provide the myriad of health benefits. Discover some ways you can use coconut for your little one.


Diaper Rash: The oil is the perfect way to treat diaper rash naturally. Instead of using talc or ointment after diaper changes, use coconut oil only- that is enough of a protective layer and it’s chemical free to prevent diaper rash. The oil acts as a natural antibacterial barrier and prevents any further irritation, and it will nourish and heal the irritated skin.


Cradle Cap: Newborn infants often experience cradle cap, which is a fungal scalp condition easily treated at home using coconut oil. The anti-microbial properties of coconut oil helps soothe the inflammation of the baby’s delicate skin, and will help moisturize the dry skin and loosen the flakes, and eradicate the fungus.


Baby Moisturizer:  Newborns don’t need lotion. They are born with a coating of vernix on their skin that absorbs and protects them from the ambient environment outside of the womb. The coconut oil serves as a protective layer on the skin. It’s rich in healthy fats and vitamins and the oil is an extremely effective moisturizer as your baby grows. Additionally, it is an all-natural product that does not contain the harsh chemicals and fragrances that are found in many commercial moisturizers.


Eczema: Coconut Oil is perfect for treating dry skin conditions such eczema because of it’s antioxidant properties and nourishing vitamins. Keep the skin dry and cool and let the coconut oil heal the skin.


Baby Massage Oil: Infant massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system and calm babies down and helps them to sleep. Coconut Oil is a natural chemical free oil for baby massage. Most baby massage oils are actually made from petroleum, mineral oil, which is not something we should apply to newborn skin.


Removing Meconium: The first bowel movements are made of meconium- a very viscous, tar like substance. It’s very hard to get out off the skin and coconut oil is a great answer. It will help remove the sticky meconium from your baby’s bottom.


Candida/Thrush: Coconut Oil taken both internally and topically can help treat the yeast that causes both thrush and candida as it is anti-fungal. A mommy and baby can pass thrush back and forth to each other during breastfeeding. A little coconut oil dabbed inside the baby’s mouth, as well as a mom eating it and applying it to her nipples before and after breastfeeding is extremely effective. Also check the diaper and folds of skin for any

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