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Gut Health is The Key to Overall Health


What are the signs of an unhealthy colon?

- Upset Stomach - Sudden changes in weight - Skin Irritation - Food Intolerance - Sleep Disturbances - Autoimmune Condition - Diarrhea / Constipation - Abdominal Bloating


How can I improve my colon health?

- Eat a high-fiber diet with lots of raw vegetables.

- Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

- Get enough sleep and rest.

- Lower the stress level.

- Avoid eating too much red meat and processed meats, as these are linked to colon cancer.

- Consider taking daily probiotics to create a more diverse bacterial environment in your colon.

- Include plenty of variety in your diet. Eating a variety of foods makes a difference in colon health.


What is the best food for maintain good colon health?

  • High-fiber foods High-fiber foods such as legumes, beans, peas, oats, bananas, berries, asparagus, and leeks have shown a positive impact on gut health in numerous studiesTrusted Source.


  • Garlic and onion Garlic and onion may have some anti-cancer and immune system-enhancing properties based on various studies, which are closely tied to some of the primary functions of the gut. Some of these benefits are anecdotal, although some research has been done.


  • Fermented foods Fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, tempeh, miso, and kefir are great dietary sources of probiotics. While the quality of these foods may vary, their benefits on the gut microbiome are well studiedTrusted Source.


  • Collagen-boosting foods Collagen-rich foods such as bone broth and salmon may be beneficial to overall health and gut health specifically. Many of these benefits are anecdotal conclusions and further research could be done. You could also try to boost your body’s own collagen production through foods. Try adding a variety of foods, like mushrooms, good dairy, or certain meats.

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