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Healthy Food Starts at Home

Our body gain energy from the food we consume daily and due to this it is crucial to be very selective in our choices of food. Besides paying attention on the portion of our food intake, we also must emphasize on the nutrients content and ensure our body experience maximum absorption of goodness from the meals. Hectic and fast-pace lifestyle nowadays demand us to select more food that can efficiently help us nourish our body and can be incorporated into our routine.


For parents, they are responsible in shaping healthy and balanced diet in the households to ensure children can maintain their energy and meet the nutrition requirement while busy being active on daily basis. With that in mind, they should be able to cater their growth development and metabolism with healthy diet.




What Can I Do to Help Boost My Metabolism?

  1. Eat healthy balanced diet. By incorporating all essential nutrients like protein, fibres, vitamins and minerals, our body will be able to maintain homeostasis and body functions at optimal rate. Normal adults living active life require about 2000kcal and 2500kcal of energy for women and men respectively to properly functions; and this figure can be achieved both from meal intake or additional supplements where necessary.


  1. Exercise and work out regularly. Some individuals living sedentary life may require to do exercise from time to time, to ensure balanced energies usage and prevent deposition of excess sugar or fats. At the same time, physical activities and good breathing technique performed on regular basis can boost body metabolism and provide better state of mind.


  1. Eat right and light. Besides taking balanced nutritious food, it is also utmost important to take our main meals on the right time, to let our body process and metabolize the nutrients in timely manner. Eat the right portion, one must not eat too light as it will also lead to slowing down of metabolism.


  1. Take a breather. Stress affects hormone levels, and it can cause the body to produce more cortisol than usual. Cortisol is a hormone that helps regulate appetite. Disordered eating, including dietary restraint and certain weight concerns, may lead to unhealthful eating patterns, which can disrupt metabolism. Stress is also closely related to the quality of sleep, which can influence metabolism.



How Does Natural Food Can Help with My Body Health Development and Maintenance?


Natural food is sourced from high quality and superfood ingredients that are nutritious for our body. They are minimally processed and are mostly plant based which means they are free from sensitizing animals’ hormones or antibiotics. Non-gmo based and organic based food are good source of nutrients as they are pesticides free and not biologically altered. This way, our body is protected from possible source of allergens or unwanted chemical reactions hence can improve performance in nutrients absorption.



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