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[MPLUS] Herbal Farm Triplex 60 Caps
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Triplex is a unique triple action formula with five supertonic herbs chosen for their ability to nourish, strengthen and heal all the five main internal organs – kidneys, liver, heart (including pericardium), lungs and spleen.
Other organs – stomach, gall bladder, urinary bladder, colon, small intestine, and ‘triple warmer’ (a conceptual organ) – also benefit from Triplex.
These organs correspond to the ‘wu zang liu fu’ – five zang and six fu – organs of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The zang organs govern and regulate; fu organs transform and transport substances. They work in sync and when in harmony, the Yin and Yang is balanced – in modern medical terms, homeostasis is achieved. At this point, you have optimum core health and the immune system is recharged, forming a shield against infections.
Continued use of Triplex will provide the basic life nutrients to bring long term good general health, vitality and physical wellbeing, and help prevent the development of chronic age-related problems such as memory loss, arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol and Parkinson’s through the smooth flow of Qi energy. In the young, it helps to tone the body, energises and promotes radiant health.

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