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[MPLUS] BORNEO Blended Massage Oil - Frankincense 50ml
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Immune system health, oral health, menstrual problems, scar healing, anti-aging/wrinkles, stress/anxiety, uterine problems, wound healing ( internal & external).

Frankincense comes from the country of Oman, the family is Burseraceae. Ancient ritual usage and modern research confirm that Frankincense has relaxing effects on the human body including uplifting mood and heightening awareness. These antidepressant properties can be achieved through various diffusion techniques and topical application including various forms of massage.


This oil is also well suited to help with skin conditions. It is a mild oil that in most instances can be applied directly, if necessary. Some people who have used this essential oil have mentioned help with acne, wrinkles, cuts and wounds and reduction of scarring.

Help with acne to wrinkles, cuts and wounds to reducing scarring are all mentioned by those that have used this essential oil. Most practical for skin application is to make a 1% to 2% dilution with a carrier oil or a similar dilution in an ointment.

Source: Arabian Peninsula (Oman)

Our Oils are Cold Pressed and pure with no additives or dilution. 


All our oils are pure and hence safe for the following methods (some brands add gums and resins as preservatives which can be harmful).

(For very sensitive skin, dilute or test on a small patch of skin when applying to skin or in Compress):

Dilute up to 5 drops of essential oil per 10 ml carrier/base oil. Mix well.

Fill bowl with water, add 5 drops essential oil and apply heat/candle in relevant section. (Absorbed into body 35 times faster than consumption).

INHALATION (I): STEAM INHALATION (Not for asthmatics):
Add 3-5drops of essential oil to a bowl of water. Cover head with towel to create a tent over the bowl and inhale vapours through nose for 5 minutes.

DRY INHALATION (Suitable for asthmatics):
1- 2 drops essential oil on handkerchief or tissue, apply to nose and breathe deeply.

Add 3-5 drops essential oil to tub of warm water and settle in!

The high viscosity of Our essential oil allows rapid osmosis through the skin. Can also be added to base creams or lotions for fragrance and skin/aroma benefits.

Add 6 drops for every 20 ml water in a spray bottle. Shake well and use to deodorize or disinfect rooms, wardrobes etc, spray on face for a quick pick me up or use relevant oils on your pillow to enhance sleep.

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