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[MPLUS] BMS ORGANICS Soylac 10mlx15s (150ml)
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  • Improve skin complexion, especially skin inflammations, eczema and etc.

  • Improve bowel movement and microbial flora imbalance

  • Improve the mechanism of digestion and absorption

  • Improve allergic physique

  • Improve urinary protein metabolism

  • Aids in blood purification and detoxification

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Provide a strong foundation for general physical health

In around 1945, Kazuyoshi Masagaki, a researcher, was concerned that when yogurt was consumed, the LAB does not replicate in the intestines. He soon discovered that LAB secretions and substances of the bacteria itself made LAB replicated effectively. In 1970, he successfully produced an extract of the efficacious substance called ‘LAB Extract Fermentation’. The major distinguishing feature of the ‘LAB Extract Fermentation’ is the culture media. Organic soybean milk is used instead of cow milk. Results showed that the extraction components from organic soybean milk culture media have an even stronger effect!

Method for making SoyLAC ‘LAB Extract Fermentation (4 Distinct Steps)

1. 16 strains of LAB

  • Competition between species

  • 16 strains of LAB (selected from the several hundred species of lactic acid) cultured in the same media to strengthen the capabilities of the LAB

2. Culture in Organic Soybean Milk

  • To strengthen the bacteria

  • Surviving capability of the LAB is strengthened in organic soybean milk where replication is difficult

* Adopts high quality and safe (agriculture chemical free) organic soy milk

3. Long fermentation period

  • Fermentation is maintained at a fixed temperature and humidity for a period of 1 year to improve quality

4. Extraction

  • Only components with special qualities and active ingredients are extracted and appear in a sharp (secretions and body substance of LAB)


LAB (Lactic Acid Bacteria) fermentation extract (fermented in Organic Soybean Milk), LAB Cellular Material, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid

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