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The Dr. HELEWA 600 vomitory bag is a hygienic bag equipped with a super absorbent pad that allows absorption up to 600 ml of vomit, it avoids the risk of projections and contamination of the user's environment and his hands . The absorbent vomitory bag confines odors and micro-organisms.

Disposable vomitory bags are medical devices for the safe management of excreta. They are particularly recommended in emergency response and transport services, firefighters, ambulances, ambulances, medical transports, also in emergency services, geriatrics, oncology ...

Use of absorbent vomitory bags

  • Open the box, remove from the roll the 1st vomitory bag
  • Hold it by the hygienic flap protects hands (patent).
  • Vomit directly into the bag. The tampon at the bottom of the bag quickly absorbs up to 600 ml of vomit.
  • After use, pull on the links and tie them on the bag itself, throw in household waste or according to the protocol in force in the establishment. Do not throw in the toilet.
  • Precautions for use: Disposable hygienic bags, do not reuse after. Do not leave within the reach of children or unaccountable people (risk of suffocation)
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